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Roadhouse Wine Merchants


We are importers of fine wine from Argentina, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.  Spirts from England and New York State.


And.. not just any wine or spirit.  We have to like the product, the package, the price, potential and believe in the producer


We love a good story.  We enjoy meeting and getting to know the fun, hard working men and women, who enjoy their passion and take pride in the products that they produce. 


There’s alot of wine and spirits out there.  We love ours and we believe you will too!




Julie Buxbaum - Owner-   Woman extraordinaire!


Garry Tornberg-PRESIDENT -   In the business for 40+ years.  Glad he is on board full time!




Lisa Tarulli - GM-   Previous life was in the accounting world, working in the local schools, raising 2 boys and knitting.

Social beverages were a beer or vodka and pretzels.  Wine and goat cheese are definitely fine  additions!


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